The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the largest flea markets in the USA, but the brand identity is weak because there is no consistent brand experience that customers can identify with. For me, the flea market is a wonderland for adults because you will never know what you will discover there. This is why the brand should have emotional vitality. As the flea market is a whimsical collection of items from our everyday lives, my concept expresses this same idea of variety in its typeface. I took photographs of various letters found on the streets of Pasadena in order to bring together the logo. The poster also reflects the idea of various items coming together in one place, and the inclusion of people in the poster also reflects the experience of the flea market, where many things as well as people come gather together. The overall identity has a look of craft as a salute to the nostalgic, where the vintage quality of the flea market is representative of a time gone by. 


Mentor: Sean Adams